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  • Who we are

    Pharmacy Laboratories was founded in 2004 as  an economic activity.  Originally the basic object of the operation of Pharmacy Laboratories was the production and sale of dermocosmetics for the face skin.  Soon the company launched the first two of its own food supplement products in tablets.  In 2007 the company was transformed into a civil law partnership.

  • Research & Development

    The important objective of Pharmacy Laboratories is a dynamic development and implementation of innovative products in the categories of cosmetics, food supplements and medical devices. Professional specialists working in research and development department are responsible for the continuous improvement of existing products and designing new, responsive to the diverse needs of consumers.

Our products

  • ALLERIN tablets

    food supplement

    Proper functioning of the immune system


         ALLERIN is recommended for supplementation by persons hypersensitive to presence of pollen, dust, construction particulates, mites, animal hair, food substances, cosmetics or detergents. The formulation is also recommended for people with calcium ion or folic acid deficiency in diet.


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  • COSINUS SPRAY sinuses and nose

    for people with sinuses and nose problems


    COSINUS SPRAY SINUSES AND NOSE helps to remove excess secretion from nasal cavities and areas situated higher-paranasal sinuses.

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  • LIPS tablets

    Food supplement

    For persons prone to occurrence of lip- cracking corners and aphthae


    LIPS in the form of easy to swallow vitamin-herbal tablets is recommended for supplementation by persons with skin of the mouth and oral cavity mucosa problems, as well as in deficiency of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in the diet.

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  • URAGIN tablets


    food supplement

    Urinary tract 

    URAGIN is recommended for persons wishing to look after immunity of the body and correct functioning of the urinary system.


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    • Did you know...

      Child comes into the world without bacteria involved in tooth decay. The main cause of oral infections with bacteria of child tooth decay is a bacteria transfer from parents.


      Licking baby pacifier, or teaspoon unknowingly we are moving bacteria into baby’s mouth, causing exposure of child to caries disease.


      Reduction or elimination of bacteria resource from group of Streptococcus mutans by dental treatment and use of chlorhexidine mouthwashes by mother and father can delay or completely prevent child infection. 


    • Did you know...

      Are you planning pregnancy? You have to visit … hairdresser!


      Preparations for dyeing and straightening hair, used by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding cause the exposure of children to the occurrence of early childhood leukemia. So to prepare well for pregnant and breast-feeding for a time give up the dyeing and hair straightening preparations. 



    • Did you know...

      Presence of folic acid in mother's body is crucial in these days that most women are not even aware that she is pregnant!


      That is why - and because of its insufficient supply in the diet - constant supplementation of folic acid is recommended for all women in reproductive age, regardless of their maternity plans. Moreover folic acid is important component of the diet, not only for women.


      Most women find out that she is pregnant at about 5 - 6 weeks of pregnancy (after about 2 - 3 weeks from insemination) when their expected menstrual period is in delay. However, the first beginnings of the neural tube (organ, from which child’s brain and nervous system will be produced in later weeks of pregnancy) appear in the fetus at about 8th day after insemination



      Are you taking food supplements regularly?

      Yes - 44.4%
      No - 55.6%

      Total votes: 45

      Are you taking regularly more than one food supplement?

      Yes - 50%
      No - 50%

      Total votes: 14

      Do you pay attention to producer of purchased food supplements?

      Yes - 71.4%
      No - 28.6%

      Total votes: 14