URAGIN tablets

Food supplement

Urinary tract

URAGIN is recommended for persons wishing to look after immunity of the body and correct functioning of the urinary system. URAGIN is a food supplement being a source of vitamin C and extracts of cranberry and common horsetail. 

The vitamin C contained in the formulation protects the system against oxidative stress, and additionally contributes to mitigation of feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. Common horsetail assists in correct functioning of the urinary system. Additionally, vitamin C supports correct functioning of the immune system. Maintenance of proper immunity of the system is necessary for keeping a healthy urinary tract.


  • dry extract of large cranberry fruits (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • dry extract of common horsetail (Equisetum arvense)
  • vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)


  •  30 tablets



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